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Scotts Tower, Singapore by UNStudio

UNStudio = UNBelievable!

UNStudio is at it again with this ambitious vertical city concept designed for Singapore’s cultural hub. Scotts Tower attempts to redefine the way architects approach modern high-rise residential architecture by reframing public spaces in an aesthetically provocative way. Whether or not a controversial design such a this gets a green light is another story. We can only hope so! Neighborhoods in the Sky The concept of The Scotts Tower is th…

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One Fantastical Technology Campus

Those architecture masters over at UNStudio have their work cut out for them, and they’ve got the knives to do it. Today their project is Plot A of the Singapore University of Technology and Design campus (SUTD.) This location is Singapore’s fourth and most prestigious university, located on a site equalling 76,846 m². This set of buildings will be a place where technological innovation and economic growth will be driven, where…

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Dalian Football Stadium by Ben van Berkel / UNStudio

The Ball is The Game is The Stadium

The following stadium was designed by the wonderful folks over at UNStudio, especially one Ben van Berkel. He (they) won a limited competition to design a gigantic football stadium for the most successful football (soccer for you USA residents) team in the Chinese Super League: Dalian Shide FC! The design reflects vividly the breathtaking amalgamation of the ancient Chinese cuju football. A must peek. First off (this is the first non-intro parag…

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Star Palace Accesses the Magic Void Space

A grand realization from UNStudio. The firm itself specializes in architecture, urban development, and infrastructure. The department store known as Star Place, resides in Kaohsiung, Taiwan, and specializes in “ohh’s” and “ahh’s.” Take note of the building’s most obvious feature: the entire side of the structure creates a false moiré pattern, attracting the eye, preparing the shopper for the void inside….

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Mirai House, Leiden Bio Science Park in The Netherlands by UNStudio

High-security without that prison-feel

UNStudio’s aim in designing the new laboratory and offices for the Japanese pharma-co Astellas in Bio Science Park was security of the scientific research center without sacrificing a pleasant, open working environment. To achieve this, the structure integrates the security concept inclusively with the frame of the building serving as an unconcealed enclosure. At the center is a courtyard surrounded by glass facades that provide sufficient…

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Observation Tower for Natuurmonumenten by UNStudio

Innovative Observation Tower

…ult of a study into the application of Ultra High Performance Concrete, this 25 meter high observation tower by UNStudio really puts the material to the test. The innovative concrete differs from the norm in that it is extremely dense, has steel fibers, and maintains a fine grain structure. Its use in the tower makes it possible to achieve the fluid, eye-catching shape with minimal obstruction of the views. The design for the observation tower gu…

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Theatre de Stoep in Spijkenisse by UNStudio

Other-worldly Theater Now a Reality

UNStudio’s completed design for the Theatre de Stoep in the Dutch town of Spijkenisse responds to the current cultural invigoration of the city by merging the archetypical function of a theatre- that of creating a world of illusion and enchantment – with the specific requirements to cater to the needs of the local community. The resulting venue is designed to fortify and inspire the magic of live theatre, providing at once a place of…

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The New Amsterdam Plein & Pavillion by UNStudio

Dutch Design in Battery Park

…vilion project was conceived by the Battery Conservancy to create an extraordinary “outdoor living room” for spontaneous & scheduled activities, public markets, seating & shade. Designed by UNStudio in collaboration with Handel Architects LLP, New York serving as associate architect. The project’s landscape was conceived by Parks Dept. Landscape Designer Gail Wittwer-Laird. Designer: Architect Ben van Berkel / UNStudio…

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