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Floater cell phone by Mac Funamizu

This Floater’s for the Eye

…your eye as you move your glazzies about! This is sort of like that, only it’s a cellphone. Designer Mac Funamizu totaled the amount of time he’s got his cellphone sitting on his desk for all to see to be 80% of his day. Lots of time for aesthetic beauty and interactive loveliness. This phone aims to please. Focusing on the time the phone isn’t living in a pocket or helping a head communicate only adds up to 20% of Funamizu&#82…

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Nagisa Phone Concept by Mac Funamizu

Ocean Face And Endless

There are two key elements to the Nagisa Phone designed by Mac Funamizu, first is the “dented” keypad, akin to a wavy seabed and the second is the display that literally “turns around the bend”. This time Mac seems to have mellowed in his designing sensibilities and not gone outlandishly futuristic. What’s more, he simply concentrates on beautifying the form; note the rounded back and the slight elevation when laid flat on a table. Apparently Na…

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Three Dimensional Wrist Communicator

…the “smart phones” we have today. On it there’s a ball that works as a color-changing control device that can slide anywhere on the surface, acting also as sort of a mouse cursor if you know what I mean. And of course the whole thing projects in 3D hologram mode. Help me, Obi-Wan Funamizu, you’re my only hope! Love that Star Wars pic, Mac. Designer: Mac Funamizu Future Mobile Phone Concept Reel from Mac Funamizu on Vimeo….

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Klipp Concept Camera by Mac Funamizu

Future Photography Contained in a Really Small Lens

The Funamizu is back with another concept. Inspired by the WVIL concept camera shown at this year’s CES, Mac Funamizu envisaged a similar device in a slimmer package. The idea revolves around a lens system that is totally self contained with everything needed to take SLR quality photos. It wirelessly transmits the images to a hub device – in this case, a transparent screen. Designer: Mac Funamizu…

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Fold Your Phone Like Never Before!

With “WILD FOLD.” Yes, it is the Mac Attack. Who else would go so wild? I ask you that. Here Mac Funamizu takes the idea of the Samsung Flexible OLED and applies it to several conceptual phones. How small is too small? Certainly we’ve tested the limits with certain fruit-related-mp3-players of late, correct? And how much fold is really necessary? With Mac, we will always know how far is too far! Peek at the several concepts bel…

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The Mac is Back with a Double-Dose of Glass Phone Style Design

…uses (one can be used as a regular stand-up desk clock!) and are extremely prone to fingerprints. Designer Mac Funamizu for the render-win: [The previous mobile phone concept] seems popular, so I made a few more designs with double glassy layers. Your fingerprints would have to be cleaned off so often, but I want to have one like these. These would definitely need protective cases to make it through a day in my pocket, or any other regular human…

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More Impossibles from Mac: “Tired of Numbers”

Mac Funamizu names his newest project a little too well, calling the desktop hygrometer and thermometer “Tired of Numbers.” Yanko Design is, incase you were unaware, primarily a blog about design concepts. Project after project, time after time, Mac Funamizu defines the Yanko motto: “Form Beyond Function.” And I mean that in as positive a manner as possible! These objects are pretty self-explainitory, with the exception o…

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The Pitch of The Pitcher

…ork into a plan for another unique “Mactastic” invention? Look ahead! There is noone quite like Mac Funamizu. He can churn out wild quality ideas like they’re so many candy bits from a bag. The Pitch♪er works like any other pitcher except for the tuning bar handle and the mallet which strikes the bar. As you can see in the simple chart below, the higher the liquid level, the higher the note. If the liquid is gone, the note is lo…

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